One of my favorite ways to photograph, is to sit in one place and observe what is going on around me.  Some days not much will happen and at other times a pleasant surprise comes along.  I was enjoying a calm morning at the edge of one of our local waterways and sure enough I get a quick glimpse of a small, brown tail ducking behind a log.  I waited to see if I would get another sighting for a positive ID.  In a short amount of time, out pops this beautiful American Mink.  He proceeded to hunt along the edges of the creek and would quickly disappear into the rocks.  I followed him briefly and was able to capture several photos.  Definitely a challenge to the photographer, the mink is very agile and quick, bounding over and around boulders.  His streamlined body will also allow him to swim across the creek and dive into the deeper holes of the river.  Not often seen,  the American Mink is a native to North America and lives a solitary life around water where its diet includes fish, rodents, birds, and crustaceans.