Barrow’s (L) and Common(R) Goldeneyes

Once again it is time to think of our annual Christmas Bird Count.  This year the day will be Dec. 30 with a pot-luck chili dinner at the Sublette County Library to warm up and talk BIRDS!  I will be sending notices shortly to birders who have participated in the past.  Anyone is welcome to join us on this typically cold but fun day; and believe it or not, we actually see more than ravens and magpies!  Send me an e-mail at for more information and to sign up for a route.

If you are not familiar with the CBC it is an annual, bird count that takes place nation-wide at Christmas time.  It is the largest, citizen-based, study in the nation and birders have been participating for 112 years.  Each count selects an area in which birders will venture forth to count as many birds as possible. Groups or individuals set out on a designated route to count every bird they see and can positively ID, this can be an all day affair, several hours, or birdwatching at your feeder if you are not up for venturing outside.   Serious and not-so serious birders are welcome.  Enthusiasm is a must and we can place you with a group if you are not comfortable at identifying all of your birds.