Rock_Wren-2This delightful bird is found in almost any rock outcropping in Wyoming.  For years I have known its call and found it in numerous places but never spent the time to watch it’s nesting behavior. I came across an unusual nest this spring with a number of rocks at the entry. I was not positive who made the nest but suspected the Rock Wren as it was the only bird in the area which I was not awareRock_Wren_nest of nesting habits. I checked the books and sure enough they describe the rock walk-way built to the entrance of the nest.  No reason has yet been determined for this “paving of the entrance”.

The Rock Wren is a busy little bird who forages for insects in the cracks between rocks.  The wren moves quickly landing a short distance from the nest and then quickly running in with a mouthful of bugs to feed either the incubating female or the young.  During nest building and incubation a call can be heard frequently, giving the photographer a “heads up” of the birds whereabouts.  As the chicks become larger and more demanding the calls decrease and one needs to stay focused to catch the adult bringing in food. Challenging for the photographer, this small bird is quick.  I watched and photographed this wren family in early summer of this year. The time was too short and they fledged without me. I visit the sight often and still hear an occasional call letting me know the little wrens are still around.