Coyote searchingAs always nature never seizes to amaze me. This time it was a tree-climbing coyote! The event took place in Yellowstone National Park along the Madison River. Coyote climbing treeMy friends and I were along the main road attempting to photograph a coyote which was obviously searching for something?. Suddenly it heads into the trees and stands directly under a small lodgepole pine looking upward. He stands up on his hind legs and proceeds to methodically climb up the branches as though he was an agility dog climbing a ladder.  As we stood with open mouths, our guide shouts “He is after the bobcat in the top of the tree.” Sure enough behind the branches at the top of the tree sits the bobcat we had been diligently searching for and it was holding a partially eaten Common Merganser in its jaws.  We continued to watch and photographCoyote pulling merganser and bobcat from tree as  the coyote climbs higher up the tree until he can reach the duck.  In a quick sudden move he grabs the merganser and pulls the bobcat, duck, and himself to the ground. He proceeds to steal the duck and consume it as the bobcat, obviously quite upset, walks away and climbs a much bigger tree (with no lower branches) to sulk and work his self-cleaning tactics.  All of this happened quite quickly with barely time to set up, focus, and snap a number of photos.  I am very aware that coyotes can be quite the opportunists, but had I not seen it with my own eyes, I may not have believed this canine would climb a tree for it’s dinner!Bobcat in tree