Bobcat on log by river

The bobcat (Lynx rufus) is an elusive feline that is often seen tail-end going into the bushes.  I feel fortunate to have seen a number of these medium-sized cats not to mention having had several great photo ops! These cats love the scrubby brush and trees along the river bottoms here in Wyoming. I often see tracks in the fresh snow throughout the winter and always hope to catch a glimpse. They are very stealthy and will eat a number of critters including small mammals, ducks, and carrion. They have even been known to take down much larger animals such as deer.

Recently in Yellowstone National Park, a bobcat has been seen and photographed frequently as it stalks and hunts the waterfowl along the Madison River.  We watched this awesome cat stalk it’s prey and try to blend in and hide, using the logs along the shoreline.  Like my indoor cats they are incredible athletes and very good at what they do; stalking, hiding, and catching prey!Bobcat hunting duck

Bobcat along RiverThe females have territories of approximately five square miles with no overlap within the same gender.  Males will have much larger territories and may have several females within their range.  The kittens will follow their mother around for almost a year before she sends them on their way.  On an autumn afternoon, I watched a family group slowly saunter away from me into the sagebrush; the two little ones stuck their short tails in the air and swaggered into the brushy ditch reminding me of my house cat as it rules our household. Watching these wild felines is truly awesome and having one in your viewfinder is definitely “a photographer’s high”.

Bobcat walking on snow covered hillside